About OpenWorkouts

What is it?

The idea behind OpenWorkouts is to provide an open source tool everybody can use to keep track of workouts, in the form of a web-based application.

This includes:

  • Multi-user support, allowing users to signup with an account and then log in and out.
  • Create workouts manually, providing info such as workout day, duration, distance, speed, elevation, etc
  • Create workouts by uploading “tracking files”, like gpx or ANT fit files
  • View workouts on a date-based interface
  • View details of each workout
  • View a profile page for each user with the user workouts, statistics, etc
  • Tools to analize, compare and interact with workouts
  • Tools to share workouts between users, manage club/group workouts and events
  • and many more…

If you are familiar with online services like strava, garmin connect, etc the idea of this project is to provide a similar solution, but in a package you can install locally in your computer or a server of your own.

Who is behind it?

This is an Open Source project, with a community of developers who are working on it for free. You can see a list of people involved in the OpenWorkouts Authors and Contributors page.