Installation instructions

Some things you will need before installing OpenWorkouts

  1. Python: The Python programming language, version 3.x (it has been tested with versions >= 3.5).

  2. Google Chrome + chromedriver: This is not a requirement in order to run OpenWorkouts, but without it, for workouts that have gps tracking data, you won’t get a nice map displaying your route in the workouts lists (you will see the map in the details page though).

    We use Chrome to render a static image out of the route map.


    chromedriver is usually bundled with Chrome, so installing chrome will install chromedriver too, but in some systems (MacOS for example) you will have to install it separately.


    (If you prefer you can use Chromium instead of Chrome)

The easiest way, using the installer

This is the easiest way to install OpenWorkouts on any unix-like system (like Linux, any BSD-based system or MacOS).

Grab a copy of the sources, either from https://openworkouts directly or from the github releases page.

Uncompress the tarball or zipped file (depending on what you did download)

Run the installer, in a shell/console:


This script will take all the needed steps to set everything up for you.